​9 Amazing Uses For Ice Cubes

1. Remove gum from clothing, carpet and hair

Ice cubes are great at removing gum from all sorts of surfaces. The ice cubes freeze the gum, which will allow you to chip the gum away.

If the gum is on a piece of clothing, put the clothing in the sink and cover it with ice cubes. Let the clothing and ice cubes hang out for a bit and chip away the gum once it's frozen!

If the gum is on carpet, put ice cubes right onto and let them sit there until the gum is nice and frozen. Then you can chip the gum away with a butter knife.

Removing gum from hair is a little more hit and miss. Wrap the hair with the gum in it and some ice cubes up in a washcloth until the gum is frozen. At that point, you should be able to use your fingers to break apart the gum and free your hair.

If ice cubes fail removing gum out of hair, try oil, peanut butter or mayo - those work really well but are definitely messier.

2. Reheat rice (without drying it out)

Just place an ice cube on top before microwaving! The ice will melt and then steam as the rice reheats.

You can also try this hack when reheating pasta!

3. Remove dents from carpets

This one can be a little hit and miss, but it can't hurt to give it a go!

This tip works best on higher pile carpeting - the lower the pile, the less it will be able to expand as it dries and fix the dents.

Place the ice cubes along the dent and leave them to melt. As they melt and the carpet begins to dry, it'll fluff back up and look normal again.

4. Use ice cubes as part of your beauty routine

There is a tonne of information out there on the Internet about using ice cubes to help reduce redness, swelling and other skincare troubles.

Some of the ideas we've come across include using ice cubes to help close pores (and avoid blemishes), for bruises and sunburn care, and even as a makeup remover! Check out instructions and beauty tips here.

5. Prevent stains from setting in

Ice cubes can be handy when it comes to stain removal, especially if you get onto it quickly! Rub an ice cube over a stain-affected area as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

6. Water plants over a long day

This is a handy hack for the Australian drought season for rescuing potted plants!

Place a few ice cubes on the soil inside a pot (avoid letting the ice touch the plant directly as this can cause damage). The ice will melt over an hour or so, providing a steady stream of moisture to the plant. This will hopefully evaporate less slowly than simply watering the plant.

7. Cool down pets during the summer

If your pup is looking a little overheated after a run in the summer months, slip a few ice cubes into their water bowl to help cool them down. Plus, some pets love licking ice cubes, especially if you flavour them with a little stock or their favourite fruit/vegetable.

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8. Clean Vases and Bottles

Ever tried to clean a vase or bottle with a very slender neck? This can be a mildly infuriating task, so make it a little easier by using ice and salt: shake and swish around to help remove gunk and stains.

9. DIY air conditioner

Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan or a window bringing in the breeze for a nifty low-power alternative to air con!

Images: Pixabay and Instructables

Based on this Instructable by jessyratfink

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