​8 things to do with old tights and stockings

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old tights, pantyhose and stockings once you've worn holes in the toes and heels, or gotten a HUGE ladder in them?

Fear not! Here are 8 ideas that will give your old leg-warming garments new life.

1. Emergency hair tie

This is a great travel hack: snip the leg of a pair of stockings into 2cm widths and use these to keep unruly hair out of the way why you get on with saving the world. The waistband section of stockings can also be snipped out to make a simple head band (useful for keeping your fringe out of your eye when gardening, cooking etc.

2. Use as a washing bag for your ~delicates~

If you're machine washing bras, underwear and new stockings, it's a good idea to protect them with a delicates bag. Make your own from the leg of a pair of stockings: just tie a knot in the open end before you throw it in the wash!

3. Rescue small items

If you're hunting around your house for a lost earring or bobby pin, stretch the leg from an old pair of tights over the end of your vacuum cleaner and hoover and secure with an elastic band. Vacuum around the area where you dropped your item and it will be picked up without being sucked into the machine!

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4. Make scent bags for your wardrobe and shoes

Cut off the feet section of old tights and fill with sweet-smelling dried herbs and flowers such as lavender, potpourri etc. Pop these in your running shoes or sock drawer to keep things smelling fresh.

5. Storage solution

Old tights make excellent storage for shoes while travelling: slip a pair of shoes inside the fabric and tie off in a lose knot to prevent the shoes from becoming separated in your suitcase/wardrobe/cupboard.

6. Polishing/cleaning cloths

Keep one with your wood polish/olive oil for cleaning up furniture, chuck one in the shower for removing soap scum off the tiles and glass, and use a ball of stocking material to apply shoe polish.

7. Make an onion/garlic rope

Keep your onions and garlic dry and ventilated by keeping individual onions/garlic heads tied up inside their own section of stocking.

Image: Brooklyn Farm Girl

8. DIY bath bomb

Fill a stocking foot section with bi-carb soda, rolled oats, orange peel and/or whatever other skin remedies take your fancy. Tie off the end for a thrifty bath bomb alternative!

(Psst! Here's another way to make your own bath bombs at home!)

Do you have a great idea for reusing old tights and stockings? Let us know in the comments below!

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Images: Pixabay

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