7 ways to invest your money in the environment

Sometimes we just need a refresher course of the basics.

At 1MW we are big believers in the impact of small acts. If we collectively complete small acts of environmentalism on a daily basis, the planet would be a world better off. The funny thing is, most sustainable actions also save you money, make you healthier, educate your kids and overall bring you a happier and lighter lifestyle, so what are you waiting for?

Here are our top tips on how to spend (or not spend) your money in order to save the planet:

Say 'NO' to dirty energy companies

If you're going to invest your money in something, do it here. One of the biggest issues in our society is the fact that most of us don't research our power providers. While we may not intend to be hurting the environment, we'll never know unless we do some digging. Choosing to switch to a clean energy provider like PowerShop will ensure that your money goes toward clean energy, and you can sleep easy!

Buy a resilient reusable drink bottle

Simple, but effective. Turning your back on plastic bottled water could be the best thing you ever do for the planet. The world could put the bottled water industry out of business overnight if we all considered just how horrific the impacts are on the environment. Just say no, save money, and save the oceans.

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Buy local, fresh and organic when grocery shopping

If you've ever been to a farmers market we won't have to convince you of the benefits. Just the excitement of seeing all that colourful fresh produce will tempt you. But in case it doesn't, buying local and seasonal produce ensures you're not purchasing anything GMO or potentially unsafe. The satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from before you put it on the table is very rewarding!

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Buy vintage when you're clothes shopping

Not only is vintage super cute and one-of-a-kind, it's cheap and prevents more wasted clothes ending up somewhere in landfill. A lot of companies don't have very ethical standards in their clothing production lines, so if you're investing your money in clothing make sure you do some research first, or just opt for up-cycled fashion from vintage fabrics! Most of the time they are handmade and better quality anyway!

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Invest in a fuel-efficient car

One of the things we can focus on every day is how much fuel we burn through. Just a little reduction every day in our car usage makes a huge difference overall to our carbon emissions. If you have no choice but to drive, again, make sure you're researching your options and opt for something with great fuel efficiency – no waste!

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Change your super fund

Making an informed choice* to change your superannuation fund to help in the fight against climate change requires several steps:






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Spend your money on plants!

Planting trees to soak up carbon in the atmosphere is a fantastic way to give back to the Earth. Deforestation is a major issue in the modern world, but if you're a garden lover, spending a little money on planting trees in the backyard and watching them grow will remind you of the good you're doing in the world!

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What you can do

Purchase 100% GreenPower for your home

The best way to fight back against climate change is to say NO to dirty energy companies! Invest your money wisely and know what you pay for.

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