7 tried and tested uses for baking soda

A lot of the products we use to clean ourselves and our homes contain an array of chemicals and toxins that end up washing down the drain and into our water systems, which is impacting our marine life . These chemicals are also affecting our health, with exposure to conventional chemicals being linked to documented health problems such as asthma and cancer.

Using baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda as it's otherwise known) or similar natural products and rejecting those substances with harsh chemicals is an easy lifestyle change that can help you and the planet.

To make your path towards this positive action easier, I have tested each of these uses listed below and can attest to the fact that they work marvellously!

1. Baking soda as deodorant --

I was a little bit worried about this one, it could have ended very… smelly. However it was an amazing success, I would definitely recommend trying it!

Just apply the baking soda with a powder puff and you’re ready for the day.

2. As hand deodoriser --

Remove tough odours from your hands by rubbing them with baking soda and water. Works like a charm!

3. As a shoe deodoriser --

I’m pretty much living in my slippers this winter, so my family was pretty excited for me to try this use. Sprinkle it on your slippers, boots, shoes, and socks to eliminate foul odour. Great success!

4. As a growth enhancer --

Sweeten your tomatoes by sprinkling baking soda on the soil around your tomato plants. Delicious!

5. As a toiler cleaner --

Cleaning the toilet ha never been so easy! Add a cup to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odour.

6. To remove burned-on food from a pan --

Soak the pan in a baking soda solution for 10 minutes before washing, and your pan is brand spanking new in no time.

7. To clean your shower curtains --

I didn’t even realise my shower curtain was dirty until after I tried this last one. I put in half a cup of baking soda and a shallow pool of water, couldn’t believe the difference when I’d finished!

Don't forget to share some of your DIY baking soda tips in the comments below!

Why D.I.Y?

Everything we buy and consume has its own carbon footprint story embedded in producing it and getting it to you. As shoppers and consumers, we have the power to drive change in:

  • What we buy, and therefore what gets produced and offered for sale
  • How we use and maintain things, and
    • What we do with them when we don’t want them anymore, or they’ve reached end-of-life.


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