7 things you can donate to animal shelters

Donating to charity can be a great way to get rid of items you no longer use, however, sometimes it may be better to skip the middle man entirely and give you clothes directly to the people who need them.

Here's some items that you can donate:

Newspapers Animal shelters use newspapers for bedding as it doesn't hurt the animal paws. And as people are reading hard-copy newspapers less and less, the ubiquity of them is decreasing, thus harder for the shelters to get their hands on them.

Towels and Blankets Do you have old towels and blankets at home that aren't in good condition to give to Op Shops? Donate to the animal shelter then, animals would love these. Towels, blankets and washcloths can help with animal grooming needs and other uses.

Scraps of fabric Shelters can often use these as a soft, nice place for animals to rest, or could be turned into dog toys. This can include old T-shirts too.

Heating pads/ electric blankets If they are in working condition, these can be used for sick or injured animals, or young puppies and kittens that need a little extra warmth.

Animal care supplies Gently used animal care supplies such as pet carriers, leashes, collars and bowls are always in need by many shelters. Also things like reptile/critter cages and water bottles, as many shelters take in smaller animals such as lizards, hamsters and rabbits. You can donate pet beds, toys and grooming tools too.

Pet food and litter Animal shelters go through a lot of pet food and cat litter every day. If you have any left over at your house, that you no longer need, donate it to an animal shelter.

Toilet paper rolls Believe it or not...these make great chew toys for puppies! However, the best thing you can donate to an animal shelter is your home! Do you have any other ideas? Let us know, comment below.

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