7 foods you can freeze in ice-cubes

Small bite-sized foods are my drug of choice.

Ice cube trays tend to be an untapped resource when it comes to food preservation. You really can do the craziest and most creative things when your food is confined to a 2cm by 3cm space - from saving fruits to herbs or whatever else you've got leftover. Saving food from going to waste is crucial all year-round. Here are the most creative things you can make icy and cubey in an ice-cube tray.

Olive oil and herb ice [Image from the Glamorous Housewife]

These are amazing, especially if you're one of those people who always pours too much oil in the pan (me…). Crack one of these guys into the pan and it will season whatever you toss through it!

Frozen baby food (or fruit puree if you're a big girl/boy now)
[image from Wholesome Baby Food]

Buying baby food is usually overpriced, and you can easily make it yourself! Pureed fruit is the best, and I personally have been enjoying it well into my adult years. Spoon your fruit puree into an ice cube tray for later use!

Celery leaf Ice [image from Martha Stewart official website]

Is it technically cheating because celery is practically water anyway? Not if you're using the leaves! Mix it with some lemon juice and salt, then freeze these babies and drop them in a Bloody Mary on the weekends ;) This is a great food-waste saver if you don't want to chuck out the celery leaves.

Berry Nice ice (GEDDIT!???!) [image from Damn Delicious]

I'm hilarious. But seriously, freeze your berries in an ice cube tray with some water and then take them out later for your morning smoothie! This is a great idea if you've ended up with a lot of berries at home and won't get around to using them all before they turn bad. You'll save money and heaps of food waste this way.

Wine cubes [image from Scratchy Mama]

If you happen to be one of the few people on earth who somehow happens upon "wine leftovers", you can freeze it and use it later for Sangria!

Pesto ice [image from DIY Network]

Hold on to that huge batch of pesto you just made by freezing it in cubes! Take a frozen pesto cube out later for a single-serve dollop on your bread or pasta.

Stock ice [image from Mayabugs]

Not as terrible as it sounds. Freeze your leftover stock in ice cubes and break it out later when you feel like an impromptu soup for dinner!

There are SO many things you can freeze into ice-cube form, these are just a few of my favourites to really give you an idea of the diversity of this preserving method. You can really go crazy with flavours, fruits and herbs. Drop them into water, soups, cocktails, anything you want! If you plan on trying this out, send us some pictures of what you come up with!

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