6 Browser Extensions For Ethical & Sustainable Online Shopping

Anyone remotely tech savvy will know that browser extensions are a great way to make online life easier. These days there are browser extensions for almost anything, ones that stop you from overusing social media, extensions that help you find discounts and bargains and there are even browser extensions to help you lessen your impact on the planet!

For anyone who doesn't know, a browser extension is a software program that customises your browser experience… or in layman's terms, little icons that sit at the top of your browser page that can assist you with things you care about and make it easier for you to navigate your way online.

Still a bit confused? Let's look at the best browser extensions for living a more sustainable life and keep your values in mind while you shop!

Ethical Shopper

An extension that helps you make informed ethical shopping choices. The extension uses the Good On You brand rating system when you visit any brand's website to be able to see how they stack up.


Similar to Ethical Shopper, DoneGood is a Chrome extension that acts as an online shopping assistant that automatically recommends the best ethical, sustainable brands as you shop on Amazon, Google, or other retail websites. Plus, it offers discount codes for 25% off or more!


This is an extension that lets you see the carbon footprint of Amazon purchases to promote transparency and allow you to weigh up whether that purchase is worth the environmental cost. Available for both Chrome and Firefox.


This is a free Chrome, Firefox & Safari extension where you can plant trees by shopping! Basically, if you shop via one of their partner shops (and they cover a lot of the big ones) and you have the extension enabled, they receive a fee for bringing you in as a customer and they use that fee to plant trees!

The Beagle Button

This extension sits in the background as you shop online as usual, and if there's a more ethical or sustainable option on hand, it pops up and offers you the choice to swap out your purchase for the better option.

Progressive Shopper

This Chrome extension analyses data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in the USA. Corporations and the individuals that work for them spend millions of dollars each year funding political candidates and their committees. When you're shopping online this extension will let you know who companies support and how that compares to their competitors.

Comment below with any more browser extensions you've tried and tested!

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