5 ways to repurpose old magazines

Instead of leaving those stacks and stacks of magazines and newspapers to gather dust and go to waste in the corner of your room or back of your closet, why not try to repurpose them?

I know most of us go through our magazine phase, some of us becoming completely obsessive. We actually needed to hold an intervention for a friend of mine who had a magazine buying addiction, as we all must moderate those things we love. And a magazine buying addiction isn't only expensive, but also it is single use paper, unless you can repurpose it!

So, here are some idea's you could try with those old magazines of yours!

1. This is one of my favourites, Magazine Planter!

Cover up a planters holder with magazines, then measure out the diameter of the planter and cut the shape out of the centre of the magazines. Keep cutting until you have stacked up enough to cover the whole planter. It makes a cool and beautiful household item!

2. Coasters

Coiled up magazines make great coasters! Here's a tutorial on Saved by Love Creations .

3. Magazine side tables

Somehow, stacked up magazines become tables with little effort anyway. However, here is a great to tutorial on how to make (on purpose) tables out of your magazines. Read more on Apartment Therapy .

4. Donate magazines

This is not a DIY, but a great thing to do with your old magazines is to donate them to doctors, hairdressers and any other services where it is acceptable to supply year old magazines.

5. Magazine bag

Fun and colourful woven magazine bags are unique and will save you from buying a new bag. Here's a tutorial on magazine weaving How to Make a Woven Magazine Bag .

Do you have any other idea's? Comment below

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