5 ways to lead a low-carbon lifestyle

Do these activities and you will easily lighten your footprint on our Earth!

It's World Environment Day, and a good reason to rethink your everyday life in terms of what you can do for the planet you live on and how you can give something back everyday.

Reducing pollution is a good way to get started, and can be a lot of fun too!

Here are five ways that can easily help you reduce carbon in your everyday life:

1. Shower time

A good way to start your day is by reducing the time of your morning shower. This will save you a lot of water, energy and money. Simply reduce your shower time to 4 minutes and you will make a difference.

2. Think about food

After taking a quick shower, you are ready to go to the markets! That way you can make sure that you are buying local, fresh and in-season food, as well as avoiding overpackaged products. Autumn fruits and vegetables are figs, grapes, peaches, asparagus, eggplants and potatoes.

3. Switch off

But, before leaving the house, please make sure that you turned off the lights, phone chargers, TVs, computers, gaming consoles and stereos when not in use. You will reduce electricity waste, save a lot of money and also cut down on CO2 pollution.

4. How about a walk?

You're on your way now – why not leave your car in the garage today and use public transport or even your bike? It's not a secret that using public transport or other alternatives instead of your car will reduce the CO2 pollution dramatically. You could also organise carpooling with your colleagues or friends to get from one place to the other, or maybe even walk shorter distances.

5. Try swapping

Why not organise a clothes swapping night with your friends? This way you can sort out your wardrobe, have a great time with friends, be creative and find a new favourite piece to wear through re-using instead of spending money.

Make small changes like this EVERYDAY and you will be on your way to a low-carbon lifestyle.

It's World Environment Day! There's never been a better time to kick-start your Low-Carbon Life with the 1 Million Women Carbon Challenge.

We will help you to make more environmentally responsible actions in your life and guide you on ethical consumption of the Earth's resources.

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