5 Reasons Why We All Need To Be At The Global Climate Strikes

We've put all the reasons why we all need to be at the Global Climate Strikes this Friday in one place, whether you need them for yourself, for a friend, or for your boss! Here they are:

1. To protect our future

  • We are currently seeing a mass extinction happening right in front of us. We can't go ahead and think that we're separate to nature, and it won't affect us. This extinction, which is being made worse by climate change, will affect every aspect of every eco system - eco systems that we're a part of, that feed the animals we love to watch in nature documentaries. The eco systems that feed us. We need to look after these eco systems that look after us.
  • Climate change is basically like steroids for weather. We won't just be seeing hotter weather (although don't discount the damage this does - heat stress are currently the leading cause of fatalities amongst other climate impacts in countries like Australia and the US), we'll be seeing storms, floods, bushfires, droughts - you name it - that are much stronger, happening far more often. Think about how often you've looked at the news this year and heard that another place was burning. Have you ever noticed that before?
  • Our rivers are running dry. Our ice caps are melting. Our towns and cities are flooding. Our reefs are dying. Our air is polluted. There is no planet B. We must stand up and fight to protect our ecosystems and the lands in which we live, in order to provide a safe future for the planet, ourselves and generations to come.

2. Time is running out

  • The leading world climate scientists have told us that we only have 11 years to keep global warming at a maximum of 1.5C in the 2018 IPCC report.
  • Even half a degree will increase the dire risk of fires, floods, drought, extreme heat and poverty for millions around the world.
  • In Australia, parts of NSW including the Macquarie River is set to be completely dry by this November unless there is government intervention and some heavy rainfall.

3. Make our voices heard

  • Protest and/or striking, particularly en masse is a great way for people to get their voices heard. Especially in an age of social media where our messages, images and videos can spread far and wide.

4. Inspire others

  • Attending a protest (and sharing that you've done it) is the perfect way of talking to people about an issue they might not be aware of, or have little information on. It's a great opportunity to encourage other people to join the strike and tell them what it's all about! It'll also inspire a whole lot of people who you don't even know when it hits the newspapers!

5. Send our politicians a message they can't ignore

  • It's extremely disheartening to know that our Prime Minister won't be attending the UN Climate Action Summit, which is all the more reason to be louder, more visible and more demanding. Don't forget, politicians are supposed to represent OUR interests.

There are 2,500 strikes happening worldwide, in 117 countries, so there's bound to be on happening near you. Find out where your nearest strike is happening at

For November 29 2019 Strikes:

If you're in Australia find out more here

And here for the rest of the world

Written by Hannah Leser

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