3 hidden benefits of using meal plans: Guest post from MealDish

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Let’s face it, home cooking can be a chore. Figuring out what to eat, what the kids’ wants, what's affordable, what to buy... it's such a grind!

Meal planning is a forward-looking way of answering those questions, but is it worth the effort? Here are 3 reasons why you should be using meal plans.

3. It will save you money (and save the world)

If you throw anything out, you’re not just wasting money, but also the precious resources used to produce that food. On average, households waste over $1,000 a year on food, or 1 in every 5 bags of groceries.

Across Australia, that’s about $2.8 billion. Include all the food thrown out by supermarkets, restaurants and farmers, and that figure grows to over $8 billion (about 4 million tonnes, in case you’re wondering).

So why meal plans?

Meal planning isn't just figuring out what you're eating this week, it’s working out exactly what you need to buy .

Using a meal plan means less incidental waste and reduces unnecessary demand on farmers. Plus that’s an extra $1,000 in your pocket!

2. It will help you eat healthier (and save the world)

This year, obesity will cost Australian health services about $120 billion, with a further $14.6 billion to treat diabetes related issues. There are diets, super foods, and the latest celebrity-endorsed top tip to keep you tip top, but despite that, people are becoming fatter and unhealthier.

So why meal plans?

In a word: structure. Fitness trainers develop exercise plans to keep you in shape, and the same goes for food. Meal plans can help you battle the bulge . It’s makes it easier to cook at home, you’re less tempted to eat out, and the pre-prepared shopping list means less impulse buying.

Also, some other hidden benefits: 1) Meal plans by nature tend to be more varied and use a greater range of produce, an important part of a healthy diet ; and 2) Meal plans also help you portion control , so you don’t overeat.

Healthier you = healthier planet. Everyone wins!

1. It will make your life easier (so you can get on with saving the world)

Today, you will make over 200 decisions just on food. We now live in an environment with overwhelming food choices, where dinner is no longer ‘meat and 3 veg’ . You’re now encouraged to consider what’s in season, what’s organic, gluten-free, fair trade, carbon neutral, locally supplied, and (maybe) activated .

You already make thousands of decisions every day. Is it any wonder that when you come home, cooking and good nutrition can feel like such a chore?

So why meal plans?

Fewer decisions mean less stress. Meal planning takes those 200 decisions you make every day and deals with it all at once, making life easier for future you:

  • You don’t have to worry about what to cook, because you know exactly what’s for dinner
  • You’ve bought all the right ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in your fridge; and
  • You know you’ll enjoy the recipes you’ve picked for yourself!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a 5 recipe meal plan to get you going!

Bio: If you want to create your own meal plans but don’t know where to start, Scott Ko has the answer! He’s the inventor behind MealDish : a FREE, intelligent meal planner that simplifies those 200 decisions down to just 3 easy clicks a week. MealDish recommends recipes based on your personal preferences and works out exactly how much you need to buy for your household each week. You can also check out his blog here .


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