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Thanks to Ange Palmer for this sensational guest post.

2 Degrees is a new Australian film exposing the important concept of climate justice. Making it was a long, tough mission but co-producer Ange Palmer says ‘don’t be glum’…

5 years ago I was a virgin film maker but now having been through the gruelling experience of co-producing a feature documentary exploring climate justice, I am happy to wear the film maker badge with honour.

Our documentary 2 Degrees is an intelligent film for people who want to be part of the revolution that is undoubtedly unfolding around us. Or for those that just need a little persuasion to participate. Either way audiences to date have been moved to both tears and action - one couple went out and bought commuting bicycles as a result -  therefore I feel the film is already propelling transformation.

Out of every crisis in history something new emerges. That’s a fact. Its also true that the world is always changing, but now most of us really understand how quickly we all need to get on board and participate in this journey of metamorphosis to a balanced future on Earth. Its certainly a radical age of humanity that we find ourselves in. Do we care enough to make deep personal sacrifices? I do. Deep down I think most if us do.

A couple of things I have learnt along the way; firstly, there is no one ‘solution’ to climate change.

The esteemed ecofeminist Vandana Shiva reminds us of the importance of diversity. She says that it is not about a single solution; that only multiple solutions will have the power to make the changes we need. This is important – don’t believe in one magic answer to climate change. And certainly don’t believe that governments will pull us through - watch our film to understand more on that! Like the intricate biological web of ecosystems that we are part of, we must  trust in our collective diversity and all the solutions.

Secondly, action is the best medicine for despair. I believe we move from despair to empowerment when we acknowledge the feelings of sadness and confusion we have when we face the assault on our ecosystems. Indeed this is what drove me to dedicate the last 5 years to making 2 Degrees. The more I came to understand various issues as we shot the film – like the depth of poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the flaws in the international climate negotiating system, the plight of small islands already planning their escape – the more I was determined to take more action in my own life.

So don’t be glum for the planet, celebrate it by looking after it in your own small ways. Its different for all of us; as an example, I choose to eat mostly locally grown food, I use washable sanitary cloths and have recently sold my car. I try and be conscious of who I am financially supporting when I buy things.

I think in Western cultures we have less of an ability to work collectively because our societies have really focussed so much on the individual in recent decades. The community in Port Augusta, which is featured in our film, is a beautiful example of people coming together however. Those women, sitting round a dining table planning their campaign for solar thermal energy, rocked my world. To say nothing of Joy Baluch, the 80 year old mayor of the town who became a real mentor for me.

Musician Kerriane Cox, another of my heroines, says we need courage to create a positive pathway for our children and to walk forward as one into the future.  ‘And that we all return to the mother goddess earth and look after her. To sing up the country and connect with the spirit of the land.’ I guess this sums it up for me. Be creative in imagining the future you want; we all have the capacity to give so much to the world. Be great. Carbon-based growth is no longer an option. Don’t wait. Start now…

A film provides a path because it provokes dialogue and these conversations bring people together. I hope the Sydney Premiere will stir up lots of action and  the sharing of ideas.

With the Renewable Energy Target at great risk, it is more urgent than ever for everyone to know about renewable energy and its vital role in the reduction of our carbon emissions. If you’re in Sydney, please come along to The Chauvel Cinema in Paddington tomorrow night for the premiere screening of 2 Degrees, a riveting political thriller set against the backdrop of the UN climate negotiations, leading into the real solution to the world's climate challenge: the power of the people. We want everyone to watch this film because we know that it motivates people to take action on climate change by supporting renewable energy.

Watch 2 Degrees trailer here

2 Degrees is showing:

Date: Wed August 20th

Venue: Chauvel Cinema, Paddington

Time: 6.30pm

Price: $15 concession $18.50 general

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Ange Palmer is Co-Producer of the feature climate documentary 2 Degrees which has its Sydney Premiere this month. Ange has an extensive background in the environmental arena and is also a mother, and qualified medical herbalist. She is interested in the interplay of health, emotion, gender and nature. Ange lives in Nelson, New Zealand.

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