10 reasons why your workplace should go green

There are many environmental and social benefits relating to sustainability in the workplace...

A green organisation will attract quality staff and retain staff who are happy and productive. It's more cost efficient over time to run a sustainable work environment, and has competitive advantages. Finally, it means contributing to a more secure and sustainable future.

Here are 10 reasons why your workplace should go green

  1. 1. A business can achieve savings in energy costs through recycling, energy conservation, energy-efficient office equipment, and water-saving devices, which all will save money by cutting bills.
  2. 2. You can start with small and make low-cost changes which don't require a lot of money, and often actually save the business money. For example, printing on both sides of paper doesn’t cost a business anything and can cut paper supply costs in half.
  3. 3. Becoming known as a green firm can be attractive to potential employees. Being green means looking after people as well as the environment, and being green may give your company the edge in attracting the best staff .
  4. 4. You can introduce flexible work schedules, including telecommuting. This can save you time, reduce company overhead expenses and increase staff satisfaction. Nowadays it can be easily achieved due to current technological advances such as instant messaging, video conferencing and other innovative workflow tools.
  5. 5. By greening your desk, cubicle, office or entire building with plants you will all have cleaner air to breathe. Plants absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen. Deck the office out with plants for a cleaner and greener office for all.

The above are benefits of a green office which include a lower impact on the earth, money-saving and health. However, there are certain ways that having a more sustainable office can help to boost morale within a companies work culture too...

  1. 6. Like getting employees involved in making the business greener and the office and other workplaces more energy-efficient makes them feel like part of the team and motivates them, which can increase productivity.
  2. 7. Green offices connect the business aspect of life to the natural world. Office culture doesn’t have to be at odds with the outside world. Connecting these two aspects of life can help employees feel more relaxed, welcomed and thus happier.
  3. 8. There are social rewards for employees obtained through being with other people who share a sense of common purpose. In this case it can be working towards having a more sustainable workplace.
  4. 9. Adding a green aspect to the office equation along with making team members more aware of their environmental actions, may also add to their work ethic through paying closer attention to the decisions and details in ones life.
  5. 10. It can create a sense of purpose for employees through activities such as creating a Green Team to generate creative ideas for reducing consumption and waste in the office.


Did you like these tips? Join us in taking practical action on dangerous climate change through the way that we live, the choices we make and the way we spend our money.

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